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About us

The first instrumental meteorological observations in Ukraine were started in 1771, in 1921 a State Meteorological Service of Ukraine was established. In 1929 it was amalgamated with hydrological service.

Now NHMS provides public and local authorities, representative bodies, enterprises, research institutions on hydrometeorological conditions and weather forecasts, rivers water volume, conditions of vegetation and capacity of agricultural crops, etc.

UkrHMC includes:

  • Central Geophysical Observatory,
  • Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center (responsible for forecasting)
  • State Enterprise of Ukrainian Aviation meteorological Center
  • Ukrainian Research Hydrometeorological Institute
  • Center for maintenance
  • Hydrometeorological Centers of districts (24)
  • Hydrometeorological stations and posts

Central Geophysical Observatory (CGO) is the main methodical organization of the state Hydrometeorological service of Ukraine. (UkrHMS)

CGO was established in 1855 for the regular meteorological Observations.

Further development included origination of solar radiation, hydrological and upper-air observations, air pollution, total ozone, radioactive pollution measurements. In 1986 the section of radioactive ecological control was established at the observatory.

Now there are 187 hydrometeorological stations that perform meteorological observations, and more than 400 hydrometeorological posts, 9 upper-air stations.

Branch state Archive was established in 1995 in CGO. This is the single specialized archive in Ukraine keeping unique information on the past and present state of environment in Ukraine.

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